Students Against Duke Unionization Risks and uncertainties about the formation of a Duke graduate student union

By: SADU | February 09, 2017

SADU is hosting two informational sessions about graduate students unionizing with SEIU. If you would like more information on the potential consequences of unionizing please come today at:

1:30pm - 2:30pm in Gross Hall Room 107, or

3:30pm - 4:30pm in Bryan Reaserch Room 103

Hope to see you there!

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By: SADU | January 31, 2017

We have set up times for anyone to come on by and ask questions about graduate student unionization. We'll be in Twinnie's, Nosh, and Dolce Vita according to the schedule below:

Office hours schedule

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By: SADU | January 20, 2017

Dr. Azhar of the Computer Science department was able to join us last month to discuss his experience with SEIU and the adjunct faculty union. The following remarks by Dr. Salman Azhar were excerpted from a panel hosted by Students Against Duke Unionization on December 16, 2016.  Dr. Azhar is a visiting associate professor in the Computer Science Department. He received his Ph.D. from Duke and is also a parent of a current Duke undergrad. Dr. Azhar has been grouped, against his wishes, in a bargaining unit of non-tenure track faculty at Duke, which is now exclusively represented by SEIU.

 “I’m pretty open minded…And that’s basically the way I approached the union. In general I am pro-union. I think unions can protect worker rights...

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By: SADU | January 19, 2017

The National Labor Relations Board has ruled that there will be an election to determine if SEIU will be the exclusive bargaining agent for Duke graduate students. You will be eligible to vote if you serve or have served as a TA or RA during the current or past two semesters. Everyone who meets this criterion will be affected by this decision. There is no opting out if a union is formed and you will be affected by any contract negotiated by SEIU. It is imperative that this matter be considered seriously and that each student's voice is heard.

Voting will be conducted by mail, with ballots sent out on January 31st. Please check on Duke's directory that your address is listed correctly. For more information on the voting process, please visit...

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By: SADU | January 18, 2017

Here are our written responses from the GPSC-EGSC Union Panel organized by question for easy access to useful information. This was a Q&A panel hosted by GPSC and EGSC with both the Duke Graduate Student Union and Students Against Duke Unionization. It was aimed at informing the graduate student body about the unionization process and life with a union.

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