Students Against Duke Unionization Risks and uncertainties about the formation of a Duke graduate student union

We are a true grassroots organization which is exclusively comprised of graduate students operating in their spare time.  While the pro-union organization has funding from SEIU (which has $100's of millions per year to spend) which they have used on their events, employees, and lawyers, we do not have any funding. The Duke administration is not allowed to fund us and we have operated thus far on our personal funds. To assist, we have begun asking for donations through our GoFundMe page, where we have currently raised around $400 of our $3000 goal. 

100% of this budget will be spent on our cause and the breakdown expected funding is as follows: 
        - Full page ad in Chronicle: $1,500 
        - 250 Buttons/pins: $250 
        - 2 Color printed table posters: $150 
        - Website domain: $15 
        - Facebook ads/promotion: $500 
        - Snapchat Filter (2 week voting period): $200
        - Miscellaneous Supplies: $250 
        - GoFundMe fee (5%): $150 

Thank you for all of your help!